Custom Sheds that Last for Tucson, Arizona Residents

Preserving your valuables with the latest technology and highest standard of quality in outdoor sheds

De-clutter your life

Protect what matters most

Enjoy extra safe space

Shed in Mayor, Arizona

Without a quality shed in Tucson, Arizona your tools and outdoor equipment are not safe

Your backyard shed is meant to keep your items safe – and the last thing you want is to pull out your belongings to find them damaged by water, critters or the extreme Arizona heat.

Five Star Sheds provides custom, high-quality sheds in Tucson, Arizona. Built to withstand the hottest summer days and blustering storms, you can relax knowing your valuable possessions are protected. And with Silvertech Siding that keeps the interior cool all year, your shed is the perfect storage area, hobby shop or workspace.

Get a custom shed in Tucson, Arizona today!

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Maximize your Tucson, Arizona space with a Five Star Shed

As an Arizona resident, you want to be more organized. In order to do that, you need a safe space to store important items.

The problem is, you don’t have that kind of space in your house and most outdoor sheds simply don't last. The result? You become anxious about too much stuff collecting in your house.

We believe everyone should have a quality place to store important items, especially when they live in a place with as intense an atmosphere as Arizona has.

And that’s why we are using the latest technology to build high-quality storage sheds in Tucson, Arizona that are truly built to last.

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Get a quality custom shed in Mayer, Arizona

Not having proper storage is frustrating. Select from a variety of shed types and enjoy a storage solution that is customized to meet your needs.

Light blue tool shed
The Tool Shed

Protect your yard and outdoor equipment with a budget-friendly tool shed.

Red lofted shed
The Lofted Shed

Sporting a charming barn look, the lofted shed feels bigger on the inside, giving you more room for all your gear.

Beige gable shed
The Gable Shed

It's fancy, functional, and shows off a house-like appearance with high quality construction.

Grey modern shed
The Modern Shed

More than just a storage solution, the modern shed is a stylish addition to any backyard and can be used for a variety of purposes.


Do we deliver?

Yes, we deliver our sheds for free within 50 miles of any of our shed lots.

Any delivery over 50 miles will be charged at a rate of:

  • $3.50 per mile on 8' wide
  • $4.50 per mile on 10' wide
  • $5.00 per mile on 12' and 14' wide
How will my shed be delivered?

Your shed will be delivered on a purpose-built shed trailer that allows the shed to be unloaded and set in most places.

What if the truck and trailer can’t get to where the shed needs to go?

Our delivery driver has a tool called a mule that allows him to maneuver a shed into many places where a standard truck and trailer couldn’t go.

Can my shed be built in place?

Yes, we can build your shed in place on your property! Contact our sales office at to discuss the details of your specific shed needs.